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The Scene (Dylan Hart Odyssey of The Occult #1) by R.M. Gilmore

The Scene (Dylan Hart Odyssey of The Occult, #1)
"It did seem a little ridiculous that two female reporters were headed off to solve
a crime that no detective could. The entire thing began to sound like a cheesy
made for TV movie, where good defeats evil, and all is well.
I still wasn't one-hundred percent sure what the evil was in this story.
If I am supposed to be the good, how the hell am I supposed to defeat the evil?
A stake and hammer might do the trick." - Dylan Hart

In the opening novel of R.M. Gilmore's 'Odyssey of the Occult' series, we find
Dylan Hart, journalist and self-proclaimed cynical bitch, in her hometown of Hollywood, California. The bodies of seven exsanguinated prostitutes have been found naked and covered in puncture wounds in towns from the Central Valley to Southern California.
The media has dubbed them the "Vampire Massacres".
Dylan has decided to cash in on the tragedy and write a true crime novel.
She begins her odyssey with research into the underground vampire scene.
All seemed to be going as planned, and as long as fiction can keep its ass away from fact, she should be alright.

But let's face it, someone is draining women of all their blood.
There is no way in hell it's going to end pretty.


I really enjoyed this book. The main character was a no nonsense type of girl. She is ruff, well maybe too rough. You can tell from things said that she has been hurt in the past but no specifics. I really liked Mike and felt sorry for him about his feelings for Dillion, and how she treated him but never got the details of why they were not together anymore. The characters were very likeable as the role they played. I kept waiting for the "real" vampires to show up but it wasn't that kind of book, but still the story did not disappoint me. When the guilty party is revealed in the end it was a little surprising at first but stayed with in the story line. I can't wait to see where the second book goes.

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