Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Creation and Destruction (Sun and Moon: Parts 3 & 4) by Elizabeth Paradise

Creation and Destruction (Sun and Moon 3 & 4)
This is parts three and four of the Sun and Moon novelette series.
Greed has taken over Raelyn. Tragedy strikes. Emily and Ashe must find a way to work together to face Predilon before it's too late. They finally realize that things aren't what they seemed.


My Review:
This is the Second book to the Sun and Moon. I read the first book and the second did not disappoint me. The story still flowed very well for me. The characters were still very likeable and I cared about them already from reading the first book. When one of the main characters was upset I felt like they weren't sad enough. I think I just wanted them to care more then they did. When they fought the "bad" guy it seemed too easy but makes sense when reading the rest of the book. At the end was a HUGE cliffhanger for me but you can believe I will be back for more!!!

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