Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indie Soul Summer Giveaway

Indie Authors need to design and market their book. Most times, they they can’t do it all on their own. Bloggers and reviewers are key, but not only that, designers who love books, know book design and are eager to help indie authors dream out loud, is pretty important for an Author.

Victoria Faye, owner of Whit&Ware Design is just one of those designers! In fact, her tagline is “DREAM OUT LOUD AT ALL TIMES” ( and btw, She’ll be at the UPTOPYACON 2013 event speaking on the panel for Cover Design on June 28th!)
Why did you start Whit&Ware Design?
I love books and I love design, and it was kind of an accident that I was able to put the two together.  Now that I have though, its been an amazing ride. Indie Authors are  so full of this creative energy. I love that when I start talking to them about their books, I get all this “juice” and can’t wait to design for them . Its great for me because I get to feed off it.
Why the giveaway:
I’ve gotten to connect with so many cool indie souls just the last few months that I’ve been doing book design (readers , bloggers, authors). Essentially they are the ones who’ve made it possible for me do to what I love ALL THE TIME! So, basically, I wanted to celebrate that.
Besides, it’s summer, why not do something just for fun?
I got together with Indie-Visible to put this giveaway together  because I think we all understand the and get the indie soul – we want to create and produce what we love freely, that’s worth celebrating!

Head over and Enter...

Each winner will get:
1 BOOKLOVER // JOURNAL (Designed by Whit&Ware)
1 INDIELUV TEE by Whit&Ware (Choose from three designs!)


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