Saturday, June 29, 2013

Devastation (Built on Fear #1) by Shandy L. Kurth

Devastation (Built on Fear, #1)
Devastated by a seemingly unforeseeable attack, America is shattered by a military that is the least likely of suspects. In the aftermath, American civilians are left to run, hide, die or fight, pushing through all weakness in their effort to stay alive. Fighting against all odds, seventeen year old Fallon and twelve year old Emery struggle through a nightmare they can't wake from in order to save their younger siblings. Collecting others along the way, and enduring obstacles unfathomable in their innocence, the kids trek cross country to reach The Safe Zone, a fortified area rumored to be set up in the south. Fallon and his friends aren't even sure there is a Safe Zone though. They could be running for nothing. Never remaining in one place for too long in their attempt to avoid bombings and capture, the kids fight against attack, the elements, sickness and their overwhelming sense of desperation, pushing each other to the limit as they struggle to survive this land of devastation.

This book was a great read. Very fast paced and full of action. It shows you what would happen if the US was invaded by a unlikely country. My heart was in my throat most of the time. Nothing like your country being invaded to get your heart beating fast. Alliances are made, stretched, and broken. It gives you a glimpse into peoples character and how adults and "children" react in times of crisis. I was left wanting more.

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