Saturday, July 6, 2013

Preordained by Kelly Libsack

Preordained (Preordained Series: Book One)
Left alone in this world when her father dies, eighteen-year-old Faith Beshert learns that he took an ancient truth to his grave, a truth that would have explained the history of her bloodline and the role it plays in a wager between God and Satan.

Faith isn't spiritual or religious. In-fact she doesn't believe in any of it. However, when two angels disguised as gorgeous young men enter her life and steal her heart, she's exposed to the existence of the other side and a responsibility she's meant to fulfill.


This was a great read. The main character was very likeable. Being left alone in the world can be scaring and finding out why they moved all the time didn't help any. Who wants to hold the fate of everyone in the palm of their hands. The story flowed really well and it was almost like watching a tv in my head. The two angels were likeable. I was almost rooting for seth. How much she was drawn to him was almost creepy. I was confused when both ended up vanishing. Off to read book 2.

About the Author: Kelly Libsack
Image of Kelly Libsack
Author of YA paranormal/supernatural.
I write about what fascinates me, and that would definitely be the paranormal, supernatural and the guises of humans. In a world full of the mundane and the everyday, what better escape than to imagine the unimaginable and to see our world satiated with the impossible.
With the young adult years being one of the most trying times in life--the psychology of it, the drama of it--throw in the otherworldly and you have darkness and despair, love and loss, the triumphs and tragedies of adolescence, but with an ethereal twist.
So enter my ordinary, everyday world that has been thrust into the impossible. There is an inclusion of dark fantasy, the macabre, magic and, without exclusion, gothic romance. And as you read, I'll continue to right, pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard--with a highly caffeinated drink in hand--here I go.
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