Friday, February 21, 2014

Offical Release Day & Review: Schriener Road by Allison Frohriep

Synopsis: Follow the story of Carlisle, the big city doctor who leaves behind all she has worked to create in a life for herself to go back to her small town and begin again exactly where she vowed to never return. To ease her transition, she meets her foremothers in the way of their journals.

Schriener Road tells the story of five generations of farm wives in the Schriener family. Their lives span the twentieth century and beyond as wars, social unrest and personal trials interweave to form five chapters of a single story.
The Author does an great job of making the characters real. They are not perfect but their flaws are what makes them so realistic. The story is full of family and love.
The main character Carlisle wanted nothing more than to escape the town she grew up in. After a years away at college learning to be a doctor, she runs into Jon on a trip home to visit her sister and the newest addition to the family. Love between her and Jon blossoms and her future shifts. Soon she is back to stay in the town she never wanted to return to. With marriage to Jon, she becomes part of the Schriener family. With open arms she is welcomed, but she questions if she can live up to the previous Schriener women. Ultimately she learns she doesn't need to. She just has to be what's right for her and Jon.
This book is a amazing multi-generational  journey of life, laughter, love and strength…
Image of Allison FrohriepAbout the Author:
Allison Frohriep is the author of Pitch Spin and Schreiner Road. She lives in central Michigan with her husband, three young children, two dogs and a cat. Allison is also a potter and enjoys playing with clay. Other interests include baseball, sewing and quilting.
Allison had been writing since she was a child. She wrote her first novel at 11 and hasn't looked back since.

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